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Explore the trendy designer bags from Chanel at Modern Luxury Fashion! Chanel bags have become emblematic of the globally adored name.

One of the most iconic brands to this day, Chanel bags are ones that will remain timeless favorites. From its classic quilted pattern, interlocking CC’s and iconic shapes, Chanel is a word that is synonymous with luxury and fine taste.


Explore the trendy designer bags from Gucci at Modern Luxury Fashion! Gucci is known for creating their most popular styles in a variety of fabrics. Gucci bags can withstand water and can be used a long time.

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“Thank you for everything, it is always a pleasure to hear from you and I have to say, having been a truly captive audience browsing so many luxury fashion shops online I can see unequivocally that your business is by far the most well organized, well curated, well stocked, descriptive and fairly priced that I’ve ever seen. The site is incredibly user friendly, incredibly straightforward, and a real pleasure to browse. It’s honestly my favorite site. It means so much to have such a well-tended site with such a knowledgeable owner such as yourself. 6 years in business is no small feat and I want to thank you for everything. I can shop confidently and it’s rare that there aren’t 3-4 bags I’m coveting from your site at any given time.”

Kirstin W. Everton

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“This was my first time purchasing from ModernLuxuryFashion. I used to buy online from store in the States and then a friend recommended ModernLuxuryFashion. I found what I was looking for immediately at a better price than I hoped for. It only took two days for my shoes to arrive and this was a week before Christmas, the busiest time of the year. The shoes looked brand new. What I was most impressed with was the level of service. I received follow up emails to make sure I received my package. That usually only happens at other stores if I initiate an inquiry. All my future purchases will be through ModernLuxuryFashion.”

Kimberly Mason

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“I have now made several purchases with ModernLuxuryFashion in the last year. Each and every time, I have been extremely satisfied and thrilled. The item(s) arrived usually within a week, nicely wrapped in black tissue paper and well protected, with original boxes or dust bags where applicable. The condition of the items was as described and I have no concerns about their authenticity. The pricing is very competitive and the value of the merchandise on ModernLuxuryFashion is incredible.  You also promptly answered my emails when I needed more details or pictures on certain items.”

Jack Johnson

☑ Verified Buyer